What to Serve with Stuffed Pepper?

Stuffed pepper addicts know that it is possible to set the foundation for a delicious snack or even a base for a day’s meal using pepper stuffing. Any yummy ingredients are stuffed can be stuffed pepper which is a good source anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and are a store full of vitamins C, A, and E.

The choice of stuffed peppers makes it easy to put in more servings such as veggies for the young kids. Alternatively, even place a pepper staffing bar where all can pick and choose their fillings and enjoy personal customizations.

When you love stuffing peppers, you will never be wondering what food to serve next as long as there are varieties without interfering with your cooking goals. The article will present to you some of the side dishes that will give you the excitement that comes with your favorite pepper. Try these and see how a simple food pairing enhances the overall taste of your meal.

What to Serve with Stuffed Pepper

What Are Stuffed Peppers?

A stuffed pepper is a hollowed out pepper and stuffed with all manner of fillings. Several cultures have embraced stuffing peppers in their cultural cuisines. Its origin is believed to have come from Mexico, Italy, and Spain. All the peppers from each country have a distinct taste and aroma.

The Italian cuisines with stuffed peppers have its fillings from sausage suitable for rice, meat, spices, and Italian herb, tomatoes, and basil. The Spanish stuffed peppers usually have meat, ginger, oregano, rice, cayenne pepper, added spices, and curry powder. The Mexican style has ground beef for beef, tomato sauce, cheese, and chili powder.

Stuffed peppers have almost similar ingredients, but each adds a unique aroma and taste to your food. The fillings on stuffed peppers can be anything that you want to taste as long as you already know what to serve with stuffed peppers. The serving food can be either light or a heavy meal.

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What Goes With Stuffed Peppers?

Stuffed peppers can go on their own, but the feeling of wanting to add something to the plate is irresistible. One of the simplest methods of serving stuffed peppers is to dip them in a sauce to taste. Use of boiled potatoes is an alternative solution, but you also need to look beyond, as other options exist.

The stuffing of pepper with a variety of fillings brings in a lot of flavors and textures, which may interfere with your preferred side dish that goes with it. However, the general rule is to choose a light side dish if the meal you are serving is heavy and vice versa to balance your serving.

Other than looking at how heavy or light your meal is, pay attention to the texture of the food so that you create a balance in every serving and maintain an overall pleasant experience. To maintain this, mix various ingredients and foods that will create a good taste for the person who will be eating.

To have spectacular stuffed pepper meals, try pairing it with the side dishes below. The good thing about them is that they can make your own at home.

Crunchy Salad

If you have prepared a heavy dish of stuffed peppers, then you deserve a light serving of crunchy salad. The serving can have some coleslaw salad or lettuce and probably a vegetable with some light vinaigrette. A crunchy salad can be a side dish if you have full meat or rice alongside stuffed peppers.


A serving of light stuffing that does not have starch or contains few pieces of meat make sure you balance this with a side dish of potatoes. You have an option of baking, frying, or roasting potatoes smeared with some butter or basil. Potatoes are yummy when crunchy, but no one confines you to that when having them creamy and mashed as a preference.


Bread is one food combo with stuffed peppers because in every other meal there is also that sweet taste that does not overwhelm taste buds. Bread also gives that crunch and soft texture that perfectly balances every meal.

A stuffed pepper serving deserves a toasted garlic bread. The added garlic gives an extra crunchiness that is not present in the soft peppers. The addition is good as it makes for a good meal experience between bites.

Beer or Beverage

There is no rule anywhere that stuffed peppers should have a side dish or food as an accompaniment, sometimes you can stuff the peppers and take them alone without any accompaniment. Try something like beer and experience the clash of the bitter taste of beer and the sweetness coming from the pepper fillings.

Another sweet combo is the sweet wine especially the red one that combines well with the flavors of the stuffed peppers. Make sure you get the best and the sweetest wine that will mix well with the flavor coming from bell peppers.

Green Beans

Green beans join the league of potatoes as one of the easiest side dishes that can be a side dish to stuffed pepper. After preparation, top them with some sauce and stuffed pepper and enjoy a meal. Make it more colorful if you can by using the red stuffed pepper.


Cook your pasta according to instructions and add some butter. Add some sauce and top it up with stuffed pepper. This combination is good to encourage kids who will take anything that has pasta in it. Here is best pasta pots reviews you may read.

Spiralizer Greek Salad

The Greek salad is light and a refreshing side dish made of other ingredients such as cucumbers, basil, chickpeas, feta cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette. Once the salad is ready, serve it with your stuffed peppers sooner because it will get watery if you do not use it by the next day.

Instant Pot Wild Rice Pilaf

The wild rice pilaf is a vegan diet and does not need so much work during preparation. You will not be disappointed when you eat it along the stuffed peppers. If you have a big appetite, you can have a second pot with some small meat servings.

Italian Roasted Mushroom and Veggies

The roasted mushrooms and tomatoes are roasted whole to contain their flavor with every mouthful you make. It will be one of your favorites when stuffed pepper is added to the serving spread on a piece of bread the same way you spread your butter.

Moroccan Roasted Carrots

You only need to add spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, paprika, and crushed pepper. Sprinkle some lemon juice, add a topping of stuffed peppers, and make sure this dish serves as part of your weekly rotation.

Something about Stuffed Peppers: Preparation

The best way to make stuffed peppers is to use the simplest and readily available ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, seasonings, and your favorite fillings. Here are the steps you need to follow to make great tasting filled peppers ready to take on any side dish.

You can use any rice of your choice. No need to cook it before putting it inside the peppers

Use filling or favorite dish (it could be turkey or meat). You can change the diet by choosing the type of meat to use

Cut a little piece off the bottom of the pepper so that it can stand on its own. Try not to cut through the pepper because you do not want to lose your filling.

You can use pasta sauce or any fancy cheese to add an Italian flare. For the Mexican flavor use salsa and pepper jack cheese… do not limit your open options.

Cooking the Peppers

  • Cook the filling and stuff the peppers then use a plastic wrapper. Leave them inside the fridge to bake. (If possible, do these two days before serving)
  • You may cover the top half loosely to prevent drying then the following day uncover the last half until they are all hot.
  • You can take time to brown the beef (or whatever you chose) as you add the remaining ingredients.
  • Dice the peppers, add to the skillet, and bake in the oven
  • You are done.

Why You Should Eat Bell Peppers

Apart from adding a sweet flavor to your food, servings because they do not have the bitter tasting capsaicin, bell peppers are available in different colors that are all vibrant. Meals on the dining table will look good and as such a promise of good health too when stuffed with healthy spices.

Consuming bell peppers increase your daily-recommended vegetable intake too. Other benefits of bell peppers are:

Vitamin C

All members of the pepper family have an excellent source of vitamin C, which is quite significant bearing in mind what it does in the body to keep you healthy. Vitamin C offers more energy and helps body tissues to stay strong and healthy.

Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen, which is a protein whose role is to make your skin supple and appear young. The bones, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues hold together because of the same collagen, which acts as connective tissue. If you want a larger quantity of vitamin from the bell peppers, choose the red one for stuffing.

Consuming a single pepper bell will satisfy your daily body requirement for vitamin C at least according to doctors.

Vitamin A

Another valuable nutrient that we should have in our bodies by eating bell peppers. Eating peppers boost the intake of beta-carotene, which is a source of Vitamin A. The color of the bell pepper is an obvious indicator of the amount of beta-carotene present but some green peppers contain a substantial amount of Vitamin A. The red pepper bells contain about eight times of Vitamin A that the green bell has.

Vitamin A is a good source of protection to the eye and skin. Speeds up blood circulation and helps in the production of new blood cells.


Bell peppers are a great source of natural fiber, which is important to maintain a healthy digestive system and metabolic rate. The level of fitness is also dependent on bell peppers. Fibers help in the regulation of cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well as enabling healthy digestion and prevent constipation.

A good meal with enough stuffed peppers will help you attain the minimum daily-recommended intake of fiber.

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A Tip

Eating stuffed peppers are not the only source of the vitamins and fiber to your body when there are other alternative vegetables available. However, on the other hand, you can serve them raw as part of a salad menu or on their own. For a healthy snack, add them to hummus. Some people prefer adding them to soup and roast as sandwiches. The good thing about stuffed peppers is that they are versatile and can combine well with most foods in the kitchen.


As you have already seen, all you need is creativity and confidence when experimenting with different ingredients and food pairings. Even when you choose to serve, contrasting meals make sure they have complimentary flavors and textures.

A stuffed pepper gives you the freedom to choose your flavors and use whatever you have at home. A food pairing can also come in as something you have been craving for as long the pair matches the flavor coming in from the stuffed peppers. With the possibility of including beer and other beverages, you have an opportunity to dress your dining table with the meal, you have always wanted.

I hope that the list of what to serve with stuffed peppers has given you some sense of direction when it comes to choosing the right food combo either as a side dish or as the main meal. There is no more time to waste looking for the right food and filled pepper pairing, start making your meal today.

Do you have some food pairings that fits the group above and is not part of the list, I would love to know and may try some and see what I get. If you want to ask a question or share personal tips and experiences with stuffed peppers, use the comment section below.

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