What Goes With Cornbread?

Cornbread is much more than a side dish; to some people, it is a way of life.  There is a particular way in which the cornbread soaks up the sauce to deepen its flavor. The good thing about cornbread is the numerous ways in which you can serve it. It is perfect bread in the fall.

Cornbread is a dish that every American has eaten or cooked many times, and every person thinks that they have the best even when the number of recipes and servings vary. The best way to address this cornbread issues is to share some of the accompaniments that goes with cornbread.

The article is to serve as your inspiration to keep baking more as you try out the new recipes too.

What Goes With Cornbread

What is Cornbread?

Cornbread has evolved from a traditional dish when it was a delicacy roasted on the ground by Native Americans many years before us. Cornbread recipe can produce either sweet or savory with a coarse texture.

Your choice depends on personal preference, or you can make both flavors for the family to have fun. Let those who want to feast on the sweet one find some chocolate or milk to carry the day. Sometimes it is not a bad idea to try the savory taken alongside hot chili.

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Dishes to Serve With Cornbread:

Being an open-minded person, you can read the recipes and try out at your own given time to expand your culinary experiences on new combinations. Most people prefer to use chili as an automatic solution because of its hot and spicy taste that perfectly complements the sweetness of cornbread.

You can go as far as trying a spicy bowl of soup, with stew or beans and enjoy every dip into the bowl. Welcome to some of the combinations that I have in mind.

Buttered Vegetables

When you have nicely cooked vegetables, you get many nutrients as intended. For example, a steaming of buttered vegetables can be a wonderful escort to anything and cornbread is not an exception. For the best feeling, pair the veggies with a savory cornbread.

Serve the combination of cornbread and buttered vegetables as a side dish and not the main meal unless you want to cook an extra dish to serve the purpose.

Roast Chicken or Pork

Roasted meat will carry the day with any food. Pork is an excellent combination of with cornbread regardless of the way you choose to prepare it. Make a pulled pork, roasting it or even cook the cornbread crusted in pork loins as we wait to see you enjoy the combo

For chicken, you can roast with cornbread stuffing, or prepare a steaming chicken immersed in sauce, pie, or casserole and get a perfectly done chicken. Using chicken in whatever form may not be your first choice but when you add cornbread, they go well together.


Any choice of barbeque goes well with cornbread. Make your grill spicy, and as the aroma rises, you will experience a completely new level of a perfect combination of the two. The aim is to have something that contrasts the sweetness of the cornbread.

Next time you are hosting a barbeque garden party, bake cornbread in plenty!

Ice Cream

If you have a household with sweet teeth, use ice cream to bring them closer to you by adding a cornbread. Serving cornbread as a dessert means pairing it with ice cream; you should try it with corn ice cream. Do not restrict yourself so much on the type of ice cream to use, enjoy your cornbread and favorite ice cream.

Butter and Jam

You can also decide to give the cornbread a treat like any other bread and combine it with a combo of butter or jam of choice. For the best result, try using the sweet cornbread. Choosing an overly sweet jam may overwhelm your taste buds. Therefore, it is better to look out for low sugar jams as an accompaniment of choice.


Chili is a popular combination in many dishes and cornbread is one of them. Chili has a spicy or sour taste is the right combination when you choose a cornbread with a sweet flavor. Other soups and stew with chili in them also serve as near alternatives.


The group that loves the ice-cream-cornbread combination must be excited at the thought of using honey. Imagine drizzling the whole savory cornbread with honey, the glazing on the exterior makes one of the best and sweetest accompaniment to any meal with meat. If you like, take it, as a dessert treat, and no one will ask why.


A combination of jalapenos and cornbread is more or less like a mix or peanut butter and jelly. This mix is not only iconic but a classic food combination. Do not let anyone discourage you from topping up the cornbread with jalapeno salsa. The red and green mix brings in the celebratory mood. Use this combo as a favorite chili recipe.


Bake your cheese into the cornbread recipe or slather the cheese on top. Pick a creamy goat cheese or any flavored version. Another version of the same combination is melting cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese, or gruyere cheese on top of the cornbread if that is what you want. You may use best cheese slicer if you need anyhow.


Using an Apple to enjoy the sweetness of cornbread is not a bad idea at all. The onions and the apples deepen the flavor when paired well with cornbread. The apple combo is not so popular, but it is a perfect meal any time of the year.

Maple Baked Beans

Baking beans and cornbread together is not a bad idea after all. The savory meal uses the cornbread as the topping, which gives you an opportunity of biting both the beans and cornbread with every fork bite. The preferred types of beans are the navy beans, black-eyed, or black beans.

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Cornbread Croutons

The best way to use the leftover cornbread is to cut them into small pieces or cubes and add some spices as you bake them in olive oil until they turn crispy. This effort will make you the best Caesar salads. You can also toss them with roasted vegetables and serve as a side dish.

As you can see, many things can go with cornbread. Trust me regardless of your taste buds or preferences. They are all delicious.


As an important member of the American cuisine and tradition, you can say you have seen it baked and played some role in its preparation. Most cornbread enthusiasts are now at ease when they realize that cornbread has many accompaniments that we cannot exhaust.

Some of the dishes may be new to you, but the good thing about trying such useful combinations is never regretting it. Sometimes time and change of routines can motivate you to come up with special foods that go with cornbread. You do not have to stick to the routines on this article, read more, and discover the one more thing that I may have left out. We have already said that there many of the things that you can serve and eat with your freshly baked cornbread.

You have some super ideas. Share them I am also curious…

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