HomeKuku Annual Scholarship Opportunity

You may not be having the highest GPA score you’d have wished for or a scroll of extracurricular activities to back up your CV. But that doesn’t mean that you are not in a position to apply and win a scholarship. You only need to be a little more creative and you’ll discover that the opportunities at your disposal are actually boundless.

HomeKuku, a leading kitchen and culinary buyer advice platform is here to provide you with a $1000 check in exchange for your creative essay on a relevant topic (see guidelines below).


The key objective of this essay competition and scholarship is to build a solid foundation for tomorrow’s culinary experts. Most importantly, it is our goal that this program provides a knowledge-sharing opportunity which can further enhance the scholar’s chances of establishing a productive career in the near future.

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What Is The Essay Question and Criteria?

This essay competition is different in the sense that the scholar has the freedom to write on a relevant topic of their own. However, there are rules to be followed. First off, the essay topic needs to be relevant to the kitchen, culinary, food and dietetic fields.

Sample topics would include (but not limited to) “Culinary Arts,” “The Kitchen As A Laboratory,” and “Food Studies.” Remember that you are free to pick a topic of choice provided it meets our criteria.

The depth of the essay submitted will also be examined and used as a measure to determine the winning submission. A good and winning essay would need to be based on a careful argumentation with a clear structure and personality.

How to Apply

If you feel that you qualify for this opportunity, you need to follow the following steps to ensure that your essay is considered:

  • Write a relevant essay and email it to us via [email protected]
  • Make sure your submission is done well before the submission deadline elapses
  • Keep following our updates to confirm if your essay is chosen as the winning one

Format Guidelines

Only essays that meet the following formatting guidelines will be considered for the winning slot(s).

  • Over 1,000 words in length
  • Factual, Detailed and Well-researched
  • Times New Roman, Size 12
  • All citations should be done in APA

Personal Details Required

Your full name, address, school, email address and your major. In addition, you’ll need to submit a scanned copy of your school ID card.

Program Deadline

This scholarship period targets the deadline of Aug.10, 2021. The winner will be announced on Aug. 20, 2021.

Choosing the Winner

Once the submission deadline lapses, all the submitted essays will be thoroughly scrutinized by our editors. The winning essay will be picked and announced by the 20th of August 2021. The amount won will be sent directly to your institution’s financial aid office.

Who to Contact For Further Details

In case of further queries, feel free to reach us on [email protected] It should, however, be noted that this email address is meant only for inquiries specific to this scholarship opportunity.

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