Moen vs. Delta – A Comparison of Top-Notch Kitchen Faucets

Moen and Delta are two types of kitchen faucets with advanced technology such as touch and touchless, spot resistant, and advanced spray technology among others.

A Comparison of Top-Notch Kitchen Faucets: Moen vs. Delta

Most homeowners are finding it hard to choose between the two. There is no need to get worried because in this article we will discuss each of them in details.

You may start wondering why we chose to compare these two brands. The comparison is in line with their reputation and garners a lot of interests.

Comparing the Brands Moen vs. Delta


The Moen kitchen faucets are attractive and make your kitchen look more pleasant to the eye. There is no point in buying expensive faucets to beautify your cooking area. You only need either of the two depending on your taste and choice to add value to your kitchen. Moen Faucets are said to be environmentally friendly.

Delta Models are as attractive because they have a design that should add value to your kitchen. If you want a modern and transitional look, then install the faucets in your kitchen.

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Hundreds of Moen faucets exist in the market in different shapes and styles. You can pick from modern, basic, transitional, and traditional ng styles. Most re faucets have an almost universal stainless steel finish, while other finishes may include the chrome, brushed bronze, ivory, and Mattel black, etc.

Delta also has at least a hundred models for the kitchen space. They are also available in different finishes with some of these finishes such as the stainless steel, chrome, white, bronze, or rubbed bronze among others.

As a homeowner, pick your favorite from the available varieties to make your kitchen adorable.


Moen has options on the type of handles, holes and the design in which you want the sprout to look like. You can choose the high arc or low arc shape for the spout design.

The Delta comes with different choices in handles, sprouts, and holes. The available spout features are the high arc or the standard arc.

Specialized Features

Many homeowners have come to appreciate Moen faucets because of their unique features such as the filtering system or soap dispensers.

The Delta faucets have the water efficiency gauges that make it possible to turn on the faucets by touching it on at any point to turn the water on.

All these features are designed in compliance with the ADA (American with Disability) guidelines.

Touch and Touchless Faucets

Delta engineers developed sensors that measure changes in capacitance when operating the faucet. A simple touch should activate the flow of water (the touch can be from the back of your hand, elbow, or wrist).

Moen also introduced MotionSense technology, which eliminates the need to touch your faucet. What you need to do is to place your hands, or a bowl at the base of the sprout and that movement will control the flow of water.

Both models use a single-hole installation, which means you can control the water flow and its temperature. The sophistication of the sensors used should not let water out of the sprout when working at the sink.

The power sensors are activated either through AC or through batteries that can last for up to 2 to 5 years.

Spray Technology

Delta uses ShieldSpray technology and a pull-down faucet that guarantees quick work when cleaning up messes. The ShieldSpray thrusts out a jet surrounded by a water shield. You can choose the kind of spray you want by toggling between steam, spray, and ShieldSpray.

Moen uses a technology they refer to as PowerClean, which adds more intensity into the spray without increasing the splash. The higher the force of the spray does not translate to more water, but the sprinkles come out targeting the mess.

Spot Resistance

Maintain the cleanliness in your kitchen by choosing the finishes from both Delta and Moen spot resistant features.

Delta uses the SpotShield with an extra water-resistant coating that also does not show fingerprints. The SpotShield has anti-microbial protection to keep germs out of your way when the sink is set up in a communal environment.

Moen uses the SpotResist as an extra coating that protects the faucet pipes from water as well as fingerprints.

The spot resistant finishes are only available in brushed nickel and stainless steel. Other options available in different finishes that protect the faucet against corrosion, scratch, and tarnish are the use of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). 

Looking at the features on both the Delta and Moen kitchen faucets, the purpose of the design is not only to make the kitchen look appealing but to make your life easier. The most considerable difference that can drive your decision-making is the kind of faucet you like; do you prefer the touch or the touchless faucet?

Moen vs. Delta, Which is the Best?

The two faucets are similar in how they function and have an almost identical design. Moen faucets are relatively expensive than the Delta ones. If you want an affordable model, then delta seems to be the likely option.

A faucet with a comfortable height means choosing the Moen brand, which also features like the PowerClean function that attracts more buyers. Delta faucets have an integrated magnet for holding the hose in space.

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Final Thoughts

These top brands make it difficult to choose between them. We see innovation and style in both products. Delta has a reputation of being durable while the Moen faucets are known for their technological advancements.

Are you still looking for a faucet that is reliable and cannot let you down? Either of the two will do the work. The price ranges are not so wide, so you may end up buying what is available unless you want a particular design or function.

As a consumer take advantage of the efficiency by solving some of your kitchen problems using a solution that matches your needs. What you are bringing home is a determination of whether you want something affordable or a faucet with great functionalities. Please note that both Moen and Delta deals with most of your kitchen problems.

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