How to Cook Canned Black Beans: Finger-Licking Details for You

Are you one of those people who fancy healthy eating? If you are, then canned black beans would make an ideal meal as they are legumes. Do not miss out on this amazing source of fiber, vitamins, and proteins all mashed up into black beans. 

A majority of people do not know the health benefits of the canned beans leave alone how to cook them. It is actually very easy to prepare and turn the canned beans into a delicious meal

How to Cook Canned Black Beans

How to Cook Canned Black Beans

You only have to master the art of cooking the canned beans differently. Canned black beans have healthy benefits also, which include:

*Black beans lower blood pressure

Black beans contain calcium, potassium, and magnesium that are known to lower blood pressure in a natural way. The canned black beans keep the blood pressure in check and normalize it.

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Canned black beans Prevent hearts diseases

Black beans have no cholesterol making it healthy to the heart, it also contains fiber, Foliate and other important content that are a major component in reducing cholesterol, hence reducing the risk of having any heart disease.

Canned black beans maintain healthy bones

The black beans contain phosphorous, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese and zinc that help in strengthening and maintaining the bones structure. Calcium and phosphorous plays a major role in strengthening the bones while zinc helps in maintaining the elasticity of the bone. A higher percentage of the calcium, magnesium and phosphorous are found in the bones, this means that the black beans are of great benefit to the body.

Black beans help in managing diabetes

People that have both type 1 and type 2 diabetes need a lot of fiber in their diets. A cup of Black beans contains 15 grams of fiber that is essential in the body. 25 grams of Fiber is recommended to be consumed every day depending on the calorie on diet. This may, however, vary depending, on the calories consumed

Black beans help in the prevention of cancer

Selenium is a rare mineral which is not found in many fruits, though present in the magical black beans. It has a special role in the liver which helps in the detoxifying of cancer compounds in our bodies. In addition to that selenium prevents inflammation that decreases the growth of tumors.

Black beans also contain foliate which is contained in the DNA, its role is to repair being able to prevent mutilation of cancer cells of the DNA

Black beans help in weight loss

Since the black beans are rich In fiber, it increases the fullness of the stomach after eating which highly reduces appetite, making one full for longer than expected, therefore lowering the intake of calories.

Research has proved that eating legumes like black beans decrease the risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. This significantly increases your energy and reduced weight loss making your body healthy.

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How To Cook Canned Black Beans: Step-By-Step

Note that the canned beans are already cooked, meaning it is unnecessary to start cooking them all over again. A lot of people make the mistake of boiling the already cooked beans, hence overcooking and ruining the taste. In order to prepare a yummy black beans special dish, you will need the following:

  • A deep pan
  • Cooking oil
  • Sliced onion
  • Spices if you needed
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • A can of black beans

To cook follow this process:

Take the onion and slice them into small or sizable cubes, using a comfortable knife of your choice.

Next step is to open the canned beans and wash them clean. Meanwhile, as you wash the beans, turn the cooker on and place the deep pan on the burner. 

Pour the desirable amount of oil and wait for some minutes for the oil heat. Afterward add the sliced onions gently on the pan. Stir and add a pinch of salt and pepper, ensure you put the right amount of seasoning as the canned beans are already salted.

Let the onion fry, till they are golden brown, then add the canned black beans. Allow them to cook for some few minutes, add some water if you wish to have some soup. After some few more minutes, the black beans are ready to be served.

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Some Mistakes that you Should Avoid

There is, however, some mistakes that you should avoid whenever you plan to prepare the canned black beans. The mistakes include:

Never cook the beans, inside the can

You might be in a hurry for a quick meal, but cooking the canned black beans in a can is not an option. 

The can is not solid enough to be cooked on especially using the gas burners. Be safe and avoid accidents of any kind.

Ensure you put the right seasoning

Too much of anything is poisonous. Canned beans usually have been salted, so ensure you just add a little spice if necessary. Always taste to avoid over seasoning.

Rinse the beans before cooking

The liquid inside is meant to keep the black beans stay for long. It is thick, very salty and a bit soar, hence not good for conception. Rinsing the beans is a must

Changing your mind after opening the can

Once you have opened the can, you have no otherwise, you have to cook the canned beans. The freshness of the beans is compromised once the can is open. If the beans are left open then there is a high possibility that the beans might go bad. Cook the beans, instead of throwing them away.

Thinking that you can use the dry beans instead of canned beans

The two are different and function differently. Dried black beans need to be boiled for some time for them to be properly cooked while the canned one takes a shorter process. There is no way for you to substitute the dry to the canned one.

There are various creative ways to serve your canned black beans, they include:

(1) Combine the canned black beans with lime juice, chili, and tomatoes

It is just as easy as it sounds, for a quick night fix. Wash the canned black beans and ensure you drain the water, fry with onions and chopped tomatoes. Add some chili flakes and also add the lime juice, with a pinch of salt and pepper. There you have your delicious meal!

(2) A mixture of the canned black beans with soup

The first step to making a delicious canned black beans soup is, as usual, wash the canned beans till they are fresh. Mix the diced onion with the cooking oil. Stir and add the beans, after a while of cooking, add spicy sausages and add water, let it simmer for some minutes. The canned black beans soup is ready to be served

(3) Canned black beans in burritos

A lot of vegetarians enjoy this kind of meal as it is delicious and very healthy. Just cook your black beans, just the same way you have been cooking then add vegetables of your choice, rice and any other goodness you prefer, then finally add cheese. This makes up an easy yet nutritious and creative way of eating your black beans.

Canned black beans in salads

You have prepared your delicious fruits or vegetable salads. Rinse and drain the canned black beans that have been washed. Then in a big bowl, mix the black beans with the salad of your choice. The meal is ready to be served, enjoy the different tastes, nutrients, and texture that comes with the mix of pure delicacy.


Canned black beans can be served with anything you desire, they have health benefits and are easier to prepare. Ensure you get a bite of this simple yet affordable meal.

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