How to Clean Hydro Flask Regularly and Thoroughly – A complete Guide

A hydro flask is a very handy utensil for carrying your favorite beverage when going out. They are lightweight. In addition, they don’t drip when filled with ice.

A hydro flask is designed with features to hold steady the temperature of a beverage. It keeps cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot. Some brands can keep cold drinks for 24 hours or longer and hot beverages for 12 hours or longer.

A hydro flask has a double-wall feature, unlike other water bottles which have a single-wall. In addition, hydro flasks are constructed with vacuum insulation. The walls are made from food-grade stainless steel, unlike traditional thermal flasks which are made with a glass lining. Therefore the walls don’t break. 

The most that can happen to it is a dent on the flask or the paint getting chipped off if mishandled. The advantage of using a food grade stainless steel material is that it does not have a taste, leaving your beverages with their original taste.

How to Clean Hydro Flask

The lid has a special cap to keep the hydro flask tight and protect the contents of the flask from outside temperatures. The above features make hydro flasks durable. What’s more, they come with a lifetime warranty.

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How to care for your hydro flask

After purchasing the hydro flask, wash it in hot soapy water. Wash the lid and the straw too. Rinse them thoroughly to ensure that all the soap is rinsed off. Air dry them well before using the hydro flask.

Avoid letting beverages sit in the hydro flask for many days. If you have any residues left in the flask, dispose of it and clean the flask. Also, wash the flask on the day it is used. 

Don’t let a hydro flask go uncleaned for many days. Doing this will prevent stains from accumulating in the flask and bacteria growth.

Also if you need hot beverages, heat them on a separate cooking pot and then pour into the hydro flask. Do not heat your hydro flask on a cooking stove. The hydro flask exterior and insulation properties will get damaged.

And if you need iced beverages, put ice cubes inside the hydro flask directly. Do not put the hydro flask in the freezer with drinks hoping it to get iced. The double-wall vacuum insulation prevents the freezer temperatures from getting to the hydro flask.

A hydro flask exterior is made from a powder coat. Therefore avoid exposing the exterior of the hydro flask to hot water. The water can discolor the hydro flask and also affect its insulation properties.

In addition, avoid submerging hydro flask lids in water or using a dishwasher to wash them. Caps have the capacity to soak in water. Currently, only two models of lids can be washed in a dishwasher. The Wide Straw Lid model or Flip Lid model. All other lids should be hand cleaned. 

Cleaning the Wide Straw and Flip lids in the dishwater should occasionally be done for a thorough wash. Frequent use of the dishwasher will cause the lids to wear out quickly.

Besides that, avoid bleaching a hydro flask. The bleach will damage the stainless steel material. Use baking soda and vinegar if you need a strong cleaning solution.

Always use a bottle brush to scrub the interior of the hydro flask. A bottle brush can reach difficult places, besides that it has more cleaning abrasion than a dishcloth or sponge.

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Cleaning a hydro flask

How to clean hydro flask largely depends on what beverages are kept in it. It also depends on whether the beverages were removed in time or left to stay for too long. To effectively clean a hydro flask will require a hydro brush. 

Alternatively, you can use a baby bottle brush or other bottle or flask brushes. You will need hot water and dish soap. 

For thorough cleaning, the hydro flask to remove stains and bacteria use vinegar and baking soda. A pipe cleaner will be a right tool for cleaning the hydro straw. A small kitchen brush is ideal for cleaning the lid.

You need to take apart the hydro flask to clean every part nicely. Start by unscrewing the lid, then remove the straw from the cap if it has a straw.

Regular cleaning

Prepare your hot soapy water and soak the straw in the soapy water to enable any dirt build up to get dislodged. Meanwhile, use a dishcloth to clean the outside of the hydro flask and also to clean the lid. 

The hydro flask and the top don’t need to be soaked in water or left in the water. When cleaning the lid, ensure that the area where the beverage comes from is cleaned thoroughly. The spot is vulnerable to bacteria collection. 

Use a small kitchen brush to scrub off any accumulated beverages on the lid.

Now use a bottle brush to clean the inside of the hydro flask. Then clean the straw using a pipe cleaner. Insert the pipe cleaner into the straw and move the pipe cleaner from one end of the straw to the other. 

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They are ready for rinsing.

Removing Stains

Occasionally clean your hydro flask with baking soda to remove tough stains. Mix about three tablespoons of baking soda with a little warm water in a small bowl. The result should be a cleaning paste. 

Dip the bottle brush into the paste and use it to clean the interior of the hydro brush. Target to reach every part of the interior. For stained spots keep scrubbing gently until all the stains are removed.

Thorough cleaning the hydro flask

Use vinegar to thoroughly clean the hydro flask occasionally. Or when the hydro flask is left uncleaned for long or when it is left with beverage residues for some time.

Pour about a half a cup of vinegar into the hydro flask. Revolve the bottle around to ensure that the vinegar spreads and reaches every interior of the hydro flask. Allow the vinegar to stay in the flask for about 10 minutes before cleaning it with a brush.

Pour the vinegar in a container and soak the lid and straw in the vinegar for about 5 minutes to get them cleaned too. Then wash them as you usually wash them regularly.

You can choose to soak the hydro flask with vinegar solution overnight. Fill a fifth of the hydro flask with vinegar. Fill the rest of the flask with water. Allow the solution to stay overnight. 

Cover it with the cap and ensure that the straw is in the hydro flask to get cleaned too. Then clean the hydro flask, lid, and straw normally using their brushes.

Rinsing the hydro flask

Finally give the lid, hydro flask, and the straw a thorough rinse to ensure that every trace of soap, vinegar or baking soda is removed. Clean them immediately after the scrub. Run warm tap water through the hydro flask and use a cleaning brush to clean the interior of the hydro flask to ensure that it has no residue of soap, vinegar or baking soda. 

Then use warm tap running water to rinse the straw and the lid too. Ensure the water gets to every part of the lid, both the interior and the exterior and passes through every part. 

Allow the tap water to run through the straw for about 10 seconds to ensure that it is well rinsed.

Dry the hydro flask

After washing it, then air dry the hydro flask including the lid and the straw. Face the lid and the hydro flask upside down. 

Wash the hydro flask in the evening to avoid beverage residues staying in the container overnight. Washing the hydro flask in the evening also gives the hydro flask sufficient time to dry overnight.


A hydro flask is an amazing container that has brought convenience to packing hot or cold drinks, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. Maintain the hydro flask well to avoid bacteria growth, stains accumulation. 

Always handle the flask well to prevent a dent or the paint chipping. The water bottle will serve you well and conveniently for many years.

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